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604 Instructional Arrangements

Series 600 - Educational Program
Instructional Arrangements                             Code No. 604
Professional staff members should develop a set of written expectations for students and parents.  Student orientation documents should include all of the following:
  1. Classroom materials and other resources along with instructions for proper utilization and protection.
  2. Teaching strategies which will be used to address the various learning styles of students.
  3. Teaching strategies which will address the multiple intelligences of students.
  4. Attendance rules, including procedures in the case of tardiness or requests to leave class (consistent with school policies).
  5. Types of classroom activities or assignments, such as discussions, classwork, homework, culminating projects, authentic assessments, field trips, and multimedia presentations.
  6. Expectations for quality performance.
  7. The responsibility of the teacher to provide special help for students.
  8. Staff guidelines related to make-up or enrichment activities.
  9. Classroom procedures and teacher expectations.
  10. Assessment criteria, including expectations for work samples which may be kept in a student's portfolio.
  11. Standards and benchmarks developed for content areas and benchmarks written for each course.
Adoption: 7-17-89
Review: 2-11-10 8-10-15  8-10-20
Revision: 4-11-94  5-10-99
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