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603.3 Talented and Gifted Program (TAG)

Series 600 - Educational Program
Talented and Gifted Program (TAG)                    Code No. 603.3
To infuse Forest City Community School learner outcomes throughout the K-12 curriculum with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills, enrichment opportunities will be designed and implemented for all learners through a collegial teaching approach.
A feasible way to reach the talents and gifts of all learners is to inservice staff members with materials and procedures geared toward dimensions of learning for all.
A key component of the TAG program is developing life-long learners who are capable of self assessment and continual growth.
Team teaching and collaboration are crucial in TAG delivery to all students.  Multiple tries are  critical in the successful implementation of this program.
Some of the components of a successful, contemporary program which address the needs of every student include:
  1. Opportunities for professional staff development in order to keep current with procedural knowledge for appropriate delivery.
  2. Assistance from the administration, staff and parents in order to transform this program in the same manner as all other program areas.
  3. Staff the program in such a way that an appropriate amount of staff time is available to meet program needs.
Adoption: 7-17-89
Review: 5-10-99   12-10-09  6-9-14  6-8-15
Revision: 4-11-94
Cross References: Code  502.11
Legal References: 256.11; 261C; 422.31-.36 (1989); AC 670-56;                                                        
 AC 281-12.5(12) (new standards)