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603.1 Media Centers

Series 600 - Educational Program
Media Centers                                         Code No. 603.1
The Board of Education recognizes the right of students, teachers, support staff andadministration to reasonable access to school media center materials, equipment,time, facilities and staff to achieve optimum benefits whether for academic or non-academic purposes.  The Board directs the media professionals to plan and implement procedures that will ensure the greatest and most equitable access for all clients of library media services.
The following guidelines shall be implemented district-wide to ensure ease and equity of access to information:
  1. Collections of print and non-print materials to support the curriculum and to provide for student recreational interests shall be provided in sufficient amounts.
  2. Duplicate copies of titles shall be made available if patron demand requires it, and titles may be placed on reserve.
  3. Inter library loans shall be provided for all students and staff members.  The media staff shall seek networks that provide the widest possible access to information from the greatest number of sources.
  4. Staff members and students shall have access to the media center and its collections, facilities and services during the day as well as 24-hour access to these resources via the media center’s web page and the web-based online library manager.
  5. The media center’s web page will provide access to basic reference materials, such as encyclopedias, periodicals, and ebooks.
  6. Reserve systems or other procedures may be implemented to facilitate access to materials that are in high demand.
  7. Special collections of materials on special subjects or for special purposes may be assembled by the media staff upon teacher request.
  8. Loan regulations shall allow nearly all materials to circulate for moderate periods of time with provision for easy material renewal.  All loan periods and check-out procedures should encourage circulation of materials.
  9. The quantity of materials that may be borrowed by any patron shall be determined by the policy of each media center, but the media staff shall grant the widest possible latitude in applying restriction policies.  Media center policies should be aimed at encouraging rather than restricting circulation of materials.  Likewise, the privilege of borrowing materials may be restricted or removed by the media staff for patrons who restrict others’ access to materials.
  10. Subject to copyright guidelines, single photocopies of library related materials will be provided to students for purposes of research and study at a nominal cost established by the media director.
  11. The school media centers shall be open during the entire school day as well as before school, after school and during noon hour.
  12. Extended hours could be established to encourage media center use by patrons in the community.
  13. The school media centers shall not be used for activities which interfere with their use by students for study, research, production or recreational reading.
  14. The media staff shall be available whenever needed by students and teachers throughout the regular school day.
  15. Instructional equipment shall be available to all teachers and all students for teaching and learning activities.  No school equipment is to be used for personal, non-school activities.  The loan of school equipment to non-school agencies must be approved by the building principal or the media director.
  16. All media center facilities and services shall be handicapped accessible.
Adoption  7-17-89  
Cross References:  604.7
Review    11-12-09     5-12-14    5-11-15    5-11-20                          
Revision  4-11-94   5-10-99     12-10-09        5-11-15                                                     
Legal References:  279.8; 280.3, .14; 301 (1989); AC 670-3.5(20), (21);                                           
AC 281-12.5(22) (new standards)