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602 Basic Instruction Program

Series 600 - Educational Program
Basic Instruction Program                             Code No. 602
The basic instruction program will be comprehensive in nature and designed to meet or exceed State and local K-12 requirements. Materials utilized for instruction and teaching strategies will be gender neutral, multicultural, and address the needs of various student learning styles.
Students enrolled in kindergarten shall attend school for the entire school day everyday.  Parental requests for an alternate day kindergarten program will be honored.  These students will be integrated into the all day every day classrooms.  The kindergarten instructional program shall be a developmentally and individually appropriate activity based program.  It will promote healthy emotional and social habits, language arts and communication skills, the capacity to complete individual tasks, and the ability to increase physical well-being.  It shall be a program that ensures opportunities for all children to develop to their greatest potential in an appropriate manner.
The basic instruction program of students enrolled in grades one through eight shall include but not be limited to, whole-language, the social sciences, mathematics, science & health (including human growth and development), physical education, safety, technology, fine arts, exploratories, and career readiness.
The basic instruction program of students enrolled in grades nine through twelve shall include but not be limited to language arts, the social sciences, mathematics, science & health, physical education, fine arts, foreign language, technology, career readiness, exploratories, and educational planning.
The board may, in its discretion, offer additional courses in the instruction program for any grade level.
Each instructional program shall be carefully planned for the optimal benefit, taking into consideration the resources available and other factors deemed relevant by the board or the superintendent.  Each site level plan shall identify and describe each program, its goals, the appropriate materials, the activities, teaching strategies and the methods of student assessment.
It is the responsibility of the administrative team to develop a program model which facilitates a continuing process for implementing program improvements.
Adoption: 7-17-89
Review: 4-11-94   5-10-99  10-08-09   08-08-11  4-13-15  4-13-20
Revision: 6-12-08  11-12-09 09-19-11
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