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601.1 School District Instructional Organization


Series 600 - Educational Program
School District Instructional Organization           Code No. 601.1
The school district offers an education program for grades pre-school, k-prep/kindergarten through twelve.  The levels of instruction are organized by the following levels:
  1. Elementary school:  The elementary school shall consist of kindergarten prep./kindergarten and grades one through four.
  2. Middle school:  The middle school shall consist of grades five, six, seven, and eight.
  3. Senior high school:  The senior high school shall consist of grades nine through twelve.
Each school building will have a principal responsible for the administration and management of the school building.
Adoption: 7-17-89
Review: 4-11-94   5-10-99     10-8-09  3-9-15.  3-9-20
Revision:  3-9-15.  3-9-20
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