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504.3 Non-School Affiliated Student Organizations

Series 500 - Student Personnel
Non-School Affiliated Student Organizations           Code No. 504.3
Student-initiated, non-curriculum-related groups must request the use of school facilities with the building principal.  Approval or denial will be made by the principal or his/her designee.
Approved groups may meet only during non-instructional time.  Attendance is limited to students and participation shall be strictly voluntary and student-initiated.  Meetings shall not interfere with the orderly conduct of educational activity.
Student-initiated, non-curriculum related groups will not use the school name, school mascot name, district name, or any name that might imply school or district sponsorship.  The use of school equipment will be subject to board policy.
Either professional or support employees will be assigned to monitor authorized meetings.  An employee may be assigned to monitor more than one such meeting held concurrently if the principal determines that adequate order and discipline can be maintained to ensure that attendance of students at the meetings is voluntary.  Employees shall not participate in any way in the meeting or assist in planning, criticizing, or encouraging attendance.  Non-school persons cannot direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend activity of student groups.
In determining whether a group is curriculum-related, the school principal or his/her designee should be able to answer these two questions affirmatively:
  1. Does the school usually sponsor an activity dealing with this subject matter?
  2. Does the school require or directly encourage student participation in such a group in connection with curriculum course work?
As a means of determining whether a student's attendance at an approved meeting is voluntary, a school principal or his/her designee may require parental consent for attendance at meetings of non-curriculum-related groups.
Adoption:  4-10-89
Review:  7-17-89  10-10-94  3-8-99    03-09-09  10-13-14  9-9-19
Cross References:
Legal References:  287.1-287.3