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502.13 Alternate high School Program Graduation

Series 500 - Student Personnel
Alternative High School Program Graduation Code No. 502.13
Students transferred to or enrolled in the Forest City High Alternative High School Program will receive their diploma at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Forest City Community School District.  In order for a student to receive a diploma, he/she must meet all the requirements set forth in Board Policy.  The Alternative High School teacher will notify the Superintendent that a student has met the criteria for graduation.  The Superintendent will make arrangements for the student to obtain his/her diploma at the next regular meeting of the Board.   The only exception to this policy will be a student(s) transferred back to the regular education program prior to his/her senior year.  A student must successfully complete his/her senior year before he/she is allowed to participate in the commencement exercise for the graduating class.
Adoption: 01-16-03                                  
Review: 02-12-09    7-14-14    7-8-19            
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