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500.4 Parental Involvement


Series 500 - Student Personnel
Parental Involvement Code 500.4
Parental involvement is an important component in a student’s success in school.  The board encourages parents to become involved in their child’s education to ensure the child’s academic success.  The board will:
  1. Encourage ongoing feedback between the teacher and parent.   Part of the feedback includes discussions at the Parent/Student/Teacher conferences and the Annual Title I Spring Family Meeting.
  2. Assign responsibility to the Elementary School Principal who will coordinate the following support services: 
    1. District staff development,
    2. Building study groups, and
    3. AEA and state professional development activities.  
  3. ​ Gain support of the Title I Program though the following activities:
    1. Learning Connections for families with children age 0-5, 
    2. Parenting classes for elementary parents, 
    3. Involvement in Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences, and 
    4. Ongoing communications with elementary teachers and staff.
  4. Coordinate parental involvement activities with Head Start that promote the importance of reading with your child and supporting and communicating with your child’s teacher.
  5. Seek information concerning the effectiveness of parental involvement through feedback obtained from teachers and parents, Parent/Student/Teacher Conference, and data obtained from the Annual Title I Spring Family Meeting.  (Note:  A survey will be developed and sent to parents who participated in the Annual Title I Spring Meeting.)
  6. Seek ways to strengthen parental involvement of Title I activities by reviewing data obtained from parents and teachers from Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences and the Annual Title I Spring Meeting.
The board will review this policy annually.  The superintendent is responsible for notifying parents of this policy annually or within a reasonable time after it has been amended during the school year.  It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy
Adoption: 12-14-06
Review: 10-09-08  4-14-14  7-9-18
Cross References: 903.2  Community Resource Persons and Volunteers
Legal References: No Child Left Behind, Title I, Sec. 1118, P.L. 107-110