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500.2 Student Handbooks


Series 500 Student Personnel
Student Handbooks                                     Code No. 500.2
Administrative rules and regulations enacted to implement board policies on student affairs and educational programs shall be contained in a student handbook.  The rules and regulations shall note the code number of the board policy from which they derive their authority.
It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent, and those administrators selected by the superintendent, to prepare and enact the administrative rules and regulations of the student handbooks at all three levels in conformance with board policy.
Building level administrators will resolve matters not covered in this policy in a manner compatible with the philosophy and mission of the school
Adoption: 4-10-89
Review: 7-17-89  3-8-99 10-09-08  4-14-14 4-8-19
Cross References: 100 101
Legal References: 279.8, .20 (1989)