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500.1 Student Rights and Responsibilities

Series 500 - Student Personnel
Student Rights and Responsibilities                   Code No. 500.1
The privileges and rights of all students will be guaranteed without regard to sex, race, national origin, religion, age, marital status, economic status, sexual orientation, or disability.
 Among these rights and responsibilities are the following:
-civil rights, including the rights to equal educational opportunity and freedom from discrimination; the responsibility not to discriminate against others;
-the right to attend free public schools; the responsibility to attend school as required by law and to observe school rules that are essential for permitting others to learn at school;
-the right to procedural due process in disciplinary matters;
-the right to free inquiry and expression; responsibility to observe reasonable rules regarding these rights.
 It is the Board of Director's belief that, as part of the educational process, the students of the district should be made aware of their legal rights.  They also should be aware of the board's authority to make--or delegate authority to its staff to make--policies and regulations that ensure the orderly operation of the schools.
Adoption: 4-10-89
Review: 10-10-94   3-8-99   10-09-08 4-14-14  4-8-19
Revision: 10-12-06
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