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500 Student Policies Goals and Guiding Principles

Series 500 - Student Personnel
Goals for Students                                     Code No. 500
Our mission statement reaffirms the purpose of the school district and makes a statement of beliefs about the relationship between the school and the learners.
OUR MISSION STATEMENT:  The Forest City Community School District is committed to developing lifelong learners.
Based on the mission statement and consensus recommendations, the district’s infusion areas were synthesized into the district's essential learner outcomes.  These outcomes are reflective of the goals for each learner in the Forest City School District.  A collaborative team of students, teachers, parents and community members reached consensus on the following seven essential learner goals and outcomes.
Career Education
Awareness of self, employment opportunities and decision-making strategies that help to integrate work values and skills.
Higher Order Thinking Skills
Different mental operations in varying degrees of complexity.
Technology Skills
Hardware and software used to manipulate and transfer information electronically.
Communication Skills
Primary medium of interfacing with others through writing, reading, speaking, listening and viewing.
Learning Skills
Specific skills and behaviours that lead to the accomplishment of simple to complex tasks.
Global Education
An approach to learning which promotes a greater understanding of the world.
Multicultural, Gender Fair Education
Curriculum and instruction which educates students about cultural diversity in our society.
These expected outcomes identify the knowledge and skills required of all individuals for productive and successful citizenship.  Teachers and learners have the right and responsibility to make choices about programs, methods, and procedures to achieve these outcomes.  However, the learner must accept the goals as his or her responsibility in order to gain full participation as a member of society.
Adoption:  4-10-89
Review: 3-8-99   3-31-07  10-09-08  4-14-14 4-8-19
Revision: 10-10-94   3-31-07
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