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406.5 Communicable Disease-Staff


Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Communicable Disease - Staff Code No. 406.5
Forest City Community School employees with a communicable disease will be allowed to work as long as they are physically able to perform the tasks assigned to them and as long as their presence in the work area does not create a substantial risk of transmission of the illness to other employees and students in the district.  The term “communicable disease” shall mean an infectious or contagious disease spread from person to person, from animal to person, or as defined by law. 
School employees are encouraged to report communicable diseases to the building principal and school nurse.  An employee will be excluded from school when the employee’s condition has been determined to be injurious to the health of others or when they are too ill for their job assignment.  Guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and Iowa State Department of Health will be used to determine the health risk to others in the school environment.  The risk will be determined on a case by case basis since there may be greater risks of transmission of a communicable disease for some employees with certain conditions than for others infected with the same disease.  These special conditions, the risk of transmission of the disease, the effect upon the educational program, the effect upon the employee, co-workers and students, and other factors deemed relevant shall be considered in assessing the employees continued work at school.  The superintendent, principal, and school nurse may require medical evidence that employees with a communicable disease are able to work.
The health risk to an immuno-depressed employee at school is determined by their personal physician.  The health risk to others in the school district environment from the presence of an employee with a communicable disease is determined on a case-by-case basis by the employee’s personal physician, a physician chosen by the school district, or public health officials.
It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent, in conjunction with the school nurse, to develop administrative regulations stating the procedures for dealing with employees with a communicable disease.
Health data of an employee is regarded as confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.  Employee medical records are kept in a file separate from their personal file.
If exposure or contraction of the communicable disease is proven via contract tracing by qualified district personnel to have occurred as a direct result of an employees work duties and the employee is unable to work due to being ill or in required quarantine,  administrative paid leave will be used rather than personal illness leave.
Adoption:   4/10/89
Review: 4/111/94    02/14/02   9-15-08  3/10/14 2-11-19 1-11-21
Revision: 1-11-21
Cross References:1002.1; 402.11; 408.9
Legal References: 139; AC 470-1.2 through 1.5, 7, 146.1(2); 281-12.3(9); 670-22.15-22.17