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404.1 Personal Illness & Family Emergencies/Illness Leave

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Personal Illness and Family Emergencies/Illness Leave - Professional Staff       Code No. 404.1
Professional staff members will be allowed sick leave for temporary disabilities as follows:
First year of employment 10 days
Second year of employment 11 days
Third year of employment 12 days
Fourth year of employment 13 days
Fifth year of employment 14 days
Sixth and subsequent years 15 days
Over and above first through sixth year, at board discretion, up to 20 days.
Beyond the fifth year of employment 15 days are granted cumulative to one hundred five (105) days.  The above amounts apply only to consecutive years of employment in the Forest City Community School District.  For all new hires after July 1, 2013 the granted cumulative leave will be ninety (90) days.
Sick leave benefits are restricted to accumulated sick leave days earned by the individual staff member.  Should the personal illness occur after or extend beyond the accumulated sick leave allowance the employee will be allowed a leave of absence without pay for the time period the employee is disabled (see Policy 404.6).
For the individual employee who has a pregnancy condition the individual employee may take up to eight (8) consecutive calendar weeks of Personal Illness Leave with pay (restricted to accumulated sick leave days earned by the individual staff member).  Any number of days used during the first eight (8) weeks not covered by accumulated sick leave may be covered by Family and Medical Leave without pay.  Beyond the original eight (8) weeks the same employee may take up to an additional four (4) weeks of Family and Medical Leave without pay.  The total combination of days taken must be consecutive days.  The weeks listed above will commence at birth.
The employee shall notify the superintendent or his designee as soon as the necessity for taking sick leave becomes known to the employee.  The employee may continue to work as long as he/she is physically able.
The employee, while taking sick leave under these provisions, shall keep the superintendent, or his designee, informed of the duration of the disability and the expected date of return to duty.  When deemed necessary the Board of Education may require a staff member to submit a statement from an attending physician as to the temporary disability.  The employee should return to work as soon as a physician determines the individual is capable of performing the work.  A signed release from your doctor listing any restrictions may be required by your supervisor before you may return to work after an extended sick leave.
The employee who is unable to work because of personal illness or temporary disability and who has exhausted all sick leave available shall be granted a leave of absence without pay for the duration of such illness or temporary disability through the end of the school year.  Insurance coverage shall be continued at the negotiated rate until the insurance policy anniversary date for employees who have exhausted all sick leave and have been placed on leave without pay.
Days may be deducted from accumulated sick leave for the employee to attend to the illness of a child or spouse.  When leave days are required due to the critical illness and/or bereavement of the death of a relative, sick leave days may be utilized.  Also, when the presence of a staff member is necessary to attend the funeral of a friend or act in the capacity of pall bearer, days missed may be used under this policy.
Adoption: 4/11/88  
Review:   7/17/89   05-05-08 5-13-13  11-11-13
Revision: 2/14/02 06-12-08 5-13-13
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Legal References: Iowa Code §279.40