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403.6 Resignation: Professional Personnel

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Resignation:  Professional Personnel                 Code No. 403.6
Resignations shall be in writing, signed by the resigning party, and directed to the superintendent of schools:  The superintendent will submit it to the Board of Directors with recommendations, as provided by law.
All resignations for the following school year submitted within twenty-one (21) days of the annual issuance of the contract modification form shall be accepted by the board.  The Board of Directors may require an individual who has resigned from an extracurricular contract to accept the resigned position for the subsequent school year if, 1) a good faith effort was made to find a replacement, and 2) the individual remains on the staff.  The assignment must be made on June 1st.
The board recognizes that there are some circumstances which force an employee to request release from a contract before the expiration date of the contract; therefore, personnel will be released from their contracts at any time that replacements suitable to the administration can be secured.
The board, however, does discourage professional staff members from submitting resignations later than the regular June board meeting.  Few reasons will be acceptable for approving such resignations after this date.
If an employee leaves without proper release, the superintendent of schools is directed to file a complaint with the Iowa Professional Teaching Practices Commission.
Adoption:  4-10-89
Review: 4-11-94    02-14-02   5-08-08  11-11-13  11-12-18
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