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403.5 Shared-Time Staff

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Shared-Time Staff                                     Code No. 403.5
The administration may enter into a shared-time contract with another school district, or other public educational institution according to Chapter 28E, Iowa Code, to allow certificated staff to fill a vacant or newly created part-time position where none of the current staff members are available or do not possess the necessary certification and/or qualifications as determined by the board.
The school district shall consider proposals of other public educational institutions to share staff members where the arrangements may be mutually beneficial to the institutions, personnel and students involved.
All shared-time contracts shall be made by the superintendent with the staff member or administrator to be shared between the institutions and approved by the board of education.
Adoption:  4-14-86
Review: 4-11-94  02-14-02   5-08-08  11-11-13  11-12-18
Revision:  11-12-18
Cross References:
Legal References:  28E, Section 280.15