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403.3 Assignment and Transfer: Professional Personnel

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Assignment and Transfer:  Professional Personnel                 Code No. 403.3
A. Definition of Transfer
A 'transfer" shall be defined to mean a movement from one job classification within the bargaining unit to another job classification within the bargaining unit, or movement from one building to another.  Job classifications are set forth in Article 9(B).
B. Voluntary Transfers
If the District decides to fill a vacancy, the District may advertise the position for all applicants or may post the position for bargaining unit applicants only.  If the District opens the position for all applicants, then the District may select any applicant.  If the District decides to fill a vacancy from within the bargaining unit, the vacancy shall first be posted for five (5) working days, and employees who wish to apply for a transfer must make written application for transfer within said five-day period.  Bargaining unit applicants who meet the posted qualifications for the position will be granted an interview.
If the District posts the position for bargaining unit applicants only and there is more than one applicant for the position, then the District will select the bargaining unit applicant who, in the judgment of the Superintendent, is most qualified for the position.
If two or more bargaining unit applicants are judged equally qualified for the position, then the most senior applicant will be awarded the position.  If there is only one bargaining unit applicant for the position, then the District may award the position to the bargaining unit applicant or seek applicants from outside the bargaining unit.
C. Involuntary Transfers
An involuntary transfer is a transfer initiated by the Superintendent.  The decision regarding an involuntary transfer shall be made by the Superintendent based upon the certification of the employee and the needs of the School District.  At the request of the employee, a meeting between the employee ad the Superintendent shall be held to discuss the transfer at which time the employee shall be given the specific written reason(s) for the involuntary transfer.
Within ten (10) calendar days from the date on which it decides to make an involuntary transfer, the District will give the affected employee written notice of an involuntary transfer.
Adoption: 4-14-86
Review: 7-17-89   04-10-08  10-14-13  10-8-18
Revision: 4-11-94   02-14-02
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Legal References:  20.9; 601A.14