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403.2 Contracts: Support Personnel

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Contracts:  Support Personnel                       Code No. 403.2
The board may enter into written contracts with classified employees employed on a regular basis.  The contract will state the terms of employment.
Each contract will include a thirty-day cancellation clause.  Either the employee or the board must give notice of the intent to cancel the contract at the end of thirty days.  This notice will not be required when the employee is terminated during a probationary period or for cause.
Classified employees will receive a job description stating the specific performance responsibilities of their position.
It is the responsibility of the superintendent to draw up and process the classified employee contracts and present them to the board for approval. 
Late Starts/Early Dismissals
In the event of a late start/early dismissal due to holidays and/or weather staff will be paid for hours worked.  If late start/early dismissals hinder their ability to complete their contracted hours, their contracted pay will be reduced unless paid leave (personal, illness, or other) is available for use and requested by the employee.
Building Secretaries, Para educator, Nutrition Staff & Bus Driver
Employees are not to report for work when schools are closed due to adverse weather.  In the event of an early dismissal due to adverse weather or other emergencies, employees are to leave within 15 minutes after students leave school premises. Missed time for early starts/late dismissals will be unpaid unless extra hours are approved by supervisor..
Adoption:  04-14-86
Review: 02-14-02    01-13-05   04-10-08  10-14-13  7-9-18  10-8-18
Revision: 02-10-05  7-9-18
Cross Reference: 402.1 Recruitment & Selection: Support Personnel
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Legal References:  Iowa Code §§ 20; 279.7A; 285.5(9) (2003).