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403.11 Suspension and Dismissal

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Suspension and Dismissal Code No. 403.11
An employee charged with conduct that might be detrimental to the best interests of the school corporation may be suspended from duty, with or without pay, during the time that such charges are reviewed or tried, or for disciplinary reasons.  The superintendent is authorized to suspend an employee, and it shall be within the discretion of the superintendent to suspend an employee with or without pay.
Warnings, reprimands, or other disciplinary action will be in writing, communicated to the employee, and included in the employee’s personnel file.
In case of suspension, the principal, supervisor, or superintendent shall give oral and written notice of the reasons for the suspension, and the employee shall have an opportunity to respond to the reasons, before action is taken to suspend.  The superintendent shall review the reasons for the suspension, and any response by the employee, and make a determination whether there are reasonable grounds to believe the reasons are true and support the suspension.  The superintendent’s determination shall be in writing, given to the employee, and placed in the employee’s personnel file.
If such charges are found to be false or the employee is found not to be involved, the employee will return to duty immediately with entitlement to any pay not received during the suspension.
If such charges are substantiated or the employee is involved, then the employee may be considered for dismissal and, if suspended with pay, not entitled to pay beyond the effective date of dismissal.
Unless otherwise provided by law, employees of the District are employed on an at-will basis.  This means that either the employee or the District can terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice, and for any reason which is not contrary to law or for no reason at all.
Adoption:  4/10/89
Review: 7/17/89  11-11-13  11-12-18
Revision: 4/11/94  02-14-02 12-11-08
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Legal References:  279.8; 279.27; 20.7(3)