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403.1 Contracts: Professional Personnel

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Contracts:  Professional Personnel           Code No. 403.1
Contracts with professional school personnel will be in writing, and will state the length of time the contract is in force, the total compensation for the contract period, and the schedule of periodic payments.  All original contracts will be processed by the administration; approved by the Board of Directors; signed by the board president; and filed with the school district secretary.
Separate contracts are to be issued for supplemental or extra-curricular work, apart from the regular classroom contracts.
All provisions of the law pertaining to the issuance of contracts will be observed.
Adoption: 4-10-89
Review: 4-11-94   02-14-02  04-10-08  10-14-13  10-8-18
Cross References: 402.2; 408.1, 279.19 
Legal References:  Chapter 20 as amended; Sections 272A.6; 279.12 through                                    
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