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402.4 free Admission


Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Free Admission                                       Code No. 402.4


1. Single employees will be required to work three (3) activities and employees with a spouse or a family will be required to work four (4) activities and shall receive in exchange an activity pass for their immediate family.  Single employees may choose to work four (4) activities in exchange for an activity pass for themselves and a guest.  
2. Employees will be given the opportunity to sign-up for the events (duties) of their choice, and this sign-up will be taken into account when assignments are made.
3. The duty roster positions will be listed on the sign-up sheets.  No one should be placed on more duties than the master contract dictates.  (Single or Family) Should anyone be placed on the duty roster for additional duties, they will be able to choose which one(s) they can decline doing.  The district will be responsible for finding a substitute to fill in on this situation.  
4. Any duties above and beyond the three required will be on a voluntary basis only.


Adoption:  4-14-86
Review:  02-14-02   02-11-08  8-12-13  8-13-18
Revision:  4-11-94    03-13-08  8-12-13  8-13-18
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