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402.3 Holiday Pay

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Holiday Pay                                           Code No. 402.3
Holiday pay for all full-time, twelve (12) month staff will be paid on the regular basis for the following holidays:  Fourth of July;  Labor Day; Thanksgiving;Day after Thanksgiving;  Christmas; New Years; Good Friday; and Memorial Day.  Vacation pay will be paid on the same, regular basis.
Teacher contracts include 190 days, one day of which is a paid holiday.
Support staff working less than a full-time, twelve (12) month contract, will be paid for the Christmas Holiday at their daily contracted rate.  This additional day is to help in offsetting missed time for eary dismissals and late starts.  
The requirements stated in the Master Contract between the Professional Personnel in the Certified Collective bargaining unit and the Board of Directors regarding vacations of such employees will be followed.
Adoption    6-24-75
Review      02-14-02    02-11-08  7-9-18
Revision     4-11-94     03-13-08  7-9-18
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