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402.2-R Overtime and Compensatory Time

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Overtime and Compensatory Time                       Code No. 402.2-R
Each non-exempt employee compensated on an hour-by hour basis, whether full or part-time, permanent or temporary, will be paid no less than the prevailing minimum wage.  Whenever a non-exempt employee must work more than forty hours in a given work week, the employee is compensated at one and one-half times their regular hourly wage rate.  This compensation is in the form of overtime pay or compensatory time.  Overtime will not be permitted without prior authorization of the superintendent, the building principal, or director.
Extra time is earned during a week where the employee has worked less than 40 hours but has accounted for more hours than their contracted hours for the week.  It accrues at an hour-for-hour rate.  overtime is earned whenever an employee works more than 40 hours in a work week.  Overtime is accrued at the rate of 1.5 hours for each hour over 40 in a workweek. 
Compensatory time may be taken in lieu of overtime or extra time reimbursement with the following restriction:
A maximum of two (2) days or sixteen (16) hours may be accumulated.  Hours in addition to this maximum will be reimbursed to the employee at regular rates if extra time, or overtime rates if overtime.  any accrued comp time must be used by taking the time off or by requesting payment annually by June 30th.  Comp time must be taken before any vacation or personal leave in increments of .5 or 1.0 days.  The superintendent, building principal, or director may, based on needs, schedule the use of comp time for employees. .
Adoption    4-10-89
Review      02-14-02   02-11-08  6-12-17
Revision      6-8-92     03-13-08  6-12-17
Cross References:
Legal References: 29 U.S.C. §207(o)