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402.11 Staff Recognition Program

Series 400 Staff Personnel
Staff Recognition Program                             Code No. 402.11
The Forest City Community School District Board of Directors recognizes that staff personnel are vital to the educational success of students in the district.  The Board wishes to recognize staff personnel with awards that highlight years of service to the district and retirement.
The following recognition program is adopted to provide continuity, equity and coordination which will enable the Board of Directors to meet the goal of highlighting service to the district.  This program is to include all staff in the Forest City Community School District.
It is recommended that a breakfast or luncheon be held during the school year to deliver this program and hand out awards.  Other delivery modes may be used as the board and administration desires.
Adoption: 7-17-89
Review:  02-14-02  10-25-06   03-13-08  9-9-13  9-10-18
Revision:9-9-13  9-10-18
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