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402.1 Salary Schedule: Professional Personnel


Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Salary Schedule:  Professional Personnel             Code No. 402.1
The Board of Directors shall establish salary schedules and guides for the several professional positions in the school district that will, in the opinion of the board, (1) attract to this school district the best candidates available, (2) give stability to the professional staff and (3) stimulate professional growth while in service.
To advance horizontally on the salary schedule beyond the B.A. level, additional hours must be at the graduate level.  Credit at the B.A. level may be in any graduate program.  Credit will be granted at the MA level only for work done in the major teaching field; except, a teacher may be advanced by submitting a report (oral or written) to a committee consisting of two Board members, their building administrator, the superintendent and two association members on the value of the completed course work as it relates to their teaching assignment.  The committee will make a recommendation to the entire Board which will then determine whether or not to grant the horizontal advancement.
These schedules and guides shall be subject to periodic review and modification as necessary for the continued improvement of the educational program of this school district.
Adoption:  4-14-86
Review:  02-14-02    02-11-08  8-12-13  8-13-18
Revision:  12-13-01
Cross References: 803.7; 803.8
Legal References:  20.1; 20.9