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401.4 Evaluation When Employed by Relative/Spouse

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Evaluation when employed by relative /Spouse Code No. 401.4
In the case when the District employs a teacher whose spouse is serving as their building principal, the following guidelines will be adhered:
  • The Superintendent will either evaluate or appoint a building administrator from another building to evaluate the teacher in question.  The evaluation will follow procedures outlined in the Master Contract.
  • Violations of the Master Contract will be referred to the Superintendent’s Office for disciplinary action
  • Grievance procedures will be amended whenever the superintendent is listed as a hearing officer.  
  • In the event the Superintendent is not available and action is needed immediately, the most senior building administrator should be contacted.  In the event the most senior building administrator is supervising their spouse, the next senior administrator will be called.
Adoption:   7-15-04
Review:   1-10-08  7-17-13 7-9-18
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