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400 Statement of Guiding Principles for Staff Personnel

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Statement of Guiding Principles for Staff Personnel   Code No. 400
The Forest City School District will endeavor to employ a dynamic, effective, and efficient staff to carry out a constantly improving educational program.
The Board is committed to providing a staff of well-qualified personnel capable of designing, implementing, and assessing programs for each area of responsibility.
The Board's specific personnel service goals are to:
  1. Recruit, select, employ, and retain the best qualified personnel available to staff the school system;
  2. Provide equal employment opportunities for all candidates for positions as set forth in board policy and in the district's affirmative action plan;
  3. Develop a quality of human relationships conducive to high levels of staff performance and satisfaction;
  4. Deploy the available personnel in such a way as to use them as effectively as possible to achieve district program objectives;
  5. Develop and manage staff compensation, leave, and employee assistance programs sufficient to attract and retain qualified employees;
  6. Manage the development and updating of job descriptions by appropriate administrators;
  7. Oversee a staff development program that will contribute to the continuous improvement of staff performance;
  8. Effectively administer applicable portions of the contracts, and personnel policies covering employees and employee groups in their relations with the district.
All employment positions will be created with the approval of the board.  The Board of Directors will appoint all personnel at its discretion, following the recommendation of the superintendent.  A position may remain unfilled or vacant for a period of time, but only the board has the authority to abolish a position.
Adoption:   4-10-89
Review:     02-14-02   01-10-08 7-17-13
Revision:   4-11-94
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