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304.2 Conditions of Employment

Series 300 - Administration
Conditions of Employment                             Code No. 304.2
The Board of Directors will meet with the administrative team to discuss salaries, fringe benefits and other conditions of employment.
  1. The purpose of these meetings shall be to meet and confer in good faith in order to freely exchange information, opinions, and proposals to endeavor to reach agreement on conditions of employment.
  2.  Review the annual salary of the administrative positions in accordance with the appropriate salary policies.  These should reflect the length of service, previous experience, numbers supervised (staff and students), professional involvement, extra expectations such as number of night activities required, direct involvement with curriculum development, and total proficiency of leadership responsibilities.
  3. Contracts for the administrative team, after the probationary period, should be multiple-year contracts, extended annually, if services are favorable.  Any termination proceedings by the Board for just and sufficient cause shall be pursuant to those procedures enumerated in the Code of Iowa.  The contracts may be terminated by the administrator by tendering a written resignation to the board on or before May 1 of any calendar year.
  4. Termination by mutual consent.  Upon mutual written agreement by the Board of Directors and the administrator and upon thirty days prior notice, the contract may be terminated without penalty or prejudice against either the Board or the administrator.  In this event, the board would pay the administrator all remuneration and benefits accrued but unpaid during the period of employment immediately prior to such termination.
  5. The Board and the administrative team shall each appoint a discussion team to act on its behalf.  In addition, the Board and administrative team mutually pledge that their representatives will have the necessary power and authority to make proposals, and make concessions during the course of discussions.  Both parties recognize that no final agreement shall be executed without ratification of the Board and the administrative team.
  6.  Either party to the discussions shall have the right to utilize outside consultants (non-spokesperson).
  7. All issues proposed for discussion shall be submitted by the administrative team to the Board's delegated representatives at the first discussion meeting.  The Board shall submit all additional items which it wishes to discuss no later than the second meeting.
Adoption:    3-13-78
Review:      7-17-89     3-14-94   1-11-99   10-8-12  4-9-18
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