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302 The Administrative Team

Series 300 - Administration
The Administrative Team                               Code No. 302
Successful administration is best attained through a team effort by all administrators under the leadership of the superintendent.  The team approach to administration can contribute to better management decisions and a healthier, more productive organization by facilitating communication, encouraging input and the utilization of varied expertise, reinforcing productive behavior, reducing the amount of counterproductive behavior, and inspiring greater commitment to the organization.
If the administrative team concept is to succeed, all the participation must take place in an open and trusting context.  It requires, too, a strong commitment at the behavioral level by all team members.  Recognizing and respecting qualifications, expertise, roles, and responsibilities, as well as supporting all decisions reached, will permit appropriate decision-making at each level with positive and mutual support at all levels.
Fundamental to the success of the administrative team concept is a clearly developed structure which allows communication, interaction & decision-making.  Accordingly, roles, relationships, and expectations should be delineated through a carefully designed organizational plan and well-devised job descriptions.
It should be recognized that the role of administrative team members in the decision-making process must vary with the nature and complexity of the decision and the circumstances surrounding it.  Thus, when participation is appropriate, it may range from rendering advice to direct involvement in determining a decision.
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