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301 The Management Team

Series 300 - Administration
The Management Team                                   Code No. 301
The Board of Directors and the administration of the school district believe in and endorse the concept of "team management'.  This is an expression of the commitment to the belief that participatory management will result in comprehensive and efficient solutions to local educational concerns.
Decisions made by the management team in a collaborative way have more quality due to the inclusion of diverse approaches and greater quantity of informational input.  There is more understanding of the decision and its rationale and a greater commitment to the solution by team members.  Group decision-making improves the cohesiveness of attitudes, and favorable attitudes tend to be associated with high productivity.
  1. Administrative Team:  The Administrative Team consists of the superintendent, the three building principals  and associate principal.
  2. Management Team:  The Management Team is more encompassing than the Administrative Team and includes all members of the Board of Directors and the Administrative Team.
  1. The Board of Directors is responsible for making the final decision in all matters pertaining to school district policy.  The Board of Directors delegates the responsibility for the operation of schools to the superintendent and hence to other school administrators.
  2. The superintendent is the chief executive officer for the Board of Directors and the leader of the administrative team.  These two roles are joined as the superintendent convenes meetings of the management team to discuss district policy development, administrative procedures, and other matters as shall be brought to his/her attention of which he/she deems appropriate.
  3. All members of the Administrative Team are accountable to the superintendent for their performance.  All administrators are responsible for administering their areas of operation as defined by the school board policy and in keeping with the goals and objectives of the school district.
  4. All members of the management team have the responsibility for exercising full expression during the decision-making process which leads to recommendations for school board action on policy matters.  Those members of the team who shall be directly affected by the team's action shall be specifically called upon to provide the team with necessary information as well as their professional judgments as to the effects of various proposed actions.  An attempt will be made by all team members to reach mutual agreement on areas discussed.
Adoption    6-12-89
Review      7-17-89     3-14-94    1-11-99    8-13-12  2-12-18
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