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300 Statement of Guiding Principals

Series 300 - Administration
Statement of Guiding Principles                       Code No. 300
The administration of the school district shall provide the educational leadership to implement the district's educational philosophy.  It is the responsibility of the administration to implement and enforce policies developed by the Board of Directors.
The pressures of operating a modern school require a close coordination among the Board of Directors, superintendent, and principals.  A complex school system requires a balanced team of expert administrators, each with powers and responsibilities well-defined, and each understanding and working harmoniously with others.
The board subscribes to the Administrative Team concept as part of its formal operating policy in the district and under the terms of this policy neither of the parties hereto shall make unilateral decisions that would in any way affect the provisions of these policies.
Adoption   6-12-89
Review     7-17-89     3-14-94   1-11-99   8-13-12  2-12-18
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