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207 Fiscal Management-Performance Measures

Series 200 - Board of Directors
Fiscal Management-Performance Measures                               Code No. 207
1. Purpose
A key responsibility of the Forest City Community School District is to develop and manage resources as efficiently and effectively as possible and to communicate the results of these efforts to the public.  Meaningful performance measurements assist the Board of School Directors or their designated representatives in identifying financial and program results, evaluating past resource decisions, facilitating qualitative improvements in future decisions regarding resource allocation and service delivery options, and communicating service and program results to the public.  
2. Identification and Reporting of Performance Measures
The Board shall receive concise, timely, well-organized financial data with the background information necessary for its interpretation at a regularly scheduled annual meeting.  The financial data shall inform the Board of material aspects of the school district’s financial operations and position.  In exercising oversight responsibilities the Board will review, at a minimum, the following K-12 public education sector indicators:
The report for all of these measures shall be as of June 30 and each year including a minimum the prior 4 years.
Total revenues and expenditures by fund and major sources
General Fund (GF) per pupil cost
Current Asset Ratio (Target range of greater than 1.0)
Day’s Net Cash Ratio (Target range of 60-75 days)
Employee Cost Ratio (Target range of 75%-85% GF expenditures)
Financial Solvency Ratio (Target range of 8% - 15%)
Unspent balance ratio / spending authority (Target range of 5% - 15%)
Final tax rate by category and fund
Enrolment (official count date data)
Adoption   4-13-15
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