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205.9 Rules of Order

Series 200 - Board of Directors
Rules of Order                                       Code No. 205.9
The board shall follow Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, latest edition as modified by this policy and subsequent rules.
The purposes of the modified rules adopted by the board are:
  1. To establish guidelines by which the business of the governing board can be conducted in a regular and internally consistent manner;
  2. To organize the meetings so that all necessary matters can be brought to the board and that decisions of the board can be made in an orderly and reasonable manner;
  3. To insure that members of the board, concentrating on the substantive issues at hand, have the necessary information to make decisions, and to insure adequate discussion of decisions to be made.
  4. To insure that meetings and actions of the board are conducted so as to be informative to the staff and the public, and to produce a clear record of actions taken and decisions made.
Adoption    6-12-89
Review      7-17-89    3-14-94     9-14-98  5-14-12  11-13-17
Cross References:
Legal References:  21.7; 279.8