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205.3 Special Board Meetings


Series 200 - Board of Directors
Special Board Meetings                               Code No. 205.3
Special meetings may be called by vote of the Board of Directors, or by the president or the secretary upon the written request of a majority of the members of the board.  The agenda for special meetings shall be limited to the item or items for which the special meeting is called.
Emergency Meeting
The board may meet on an emergency basis without a twenty-four hour advance notice for good cause when the notice requirements are impossible or impractical.  However, the board should give as much advance notice of an emergency meeting as is reasonably possible.
Notice for special and emergency meetings shall be given in the manner described in Policy No. 205.7, Notice for Board Meetings.
Adoption    6-12-89                                    
Review      7-17-89     3-14-94 9-14-98    4-9-12                                                      
Revision   4-9-12                                                                     
Cross References: 205.7
Legal References:  21.4; 279.2