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205.15 Public Hearings

Series 200 - Board of Directors
Public Hearings                                       Code No. 205.15
In conducting public hearings required by law, and any other hearings as it deems advisable, the board will adhere strictly to any statutory requirements that apply to the specific type of hearing and shall seek to conduct the hearings in a fair, open, and objective manner, giving all persons involved an equal opportunity to be heard.
The president of the board, or another member at his/her and the board's approval, will preside at hearings before the board.
At the beginning of the proceedings, the attending public will be informed of particular rules that it will be following in regard to questions, remarks, rebuttals, time limitations, or other rules necessary to give everyone an opportunity to be heard.
In conformance with customary hearing procedures, statements and supporting information will be presented first by the board, or by others on behalf of the board.  To address the board, citizens must be recognized by the chair, and all remarks must be addressed to the chair and be germane to the topic.
Adoption   4-14-86
Review      7-17-89      3-14-94   9-14-98     6-11-12  12-11-17
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Legal References:  279.8