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205.14 A Board Meeting-Visitors' Conduct

Series 200 - Board of Directors
A Board Meeting--Visitors' Conduct                   Code No. 205.14
Meetings of the Board of Directors follow an agenda prepared by the Superintendent of Schools.  Following the roll call of members, the board proceeds to the items on the agenda.  One of the first items on the agenda is the recognition of visitors and representatives and the recognition of any visitors who may wish to address the board.
A visitor who has been granted permission to speak, may make a brief statement, express his viewpoint, or ask a question regarding matters related to the school system.  It should be pointed out that there is no legal requirement that the public be given this opportunity to speak at board meetings.  It is the policy of the present board to make this time available to residents of the district, but if the pressure of business or other circumstances dictate, the Board President may decide to curtail discussion.
An additional note:  If a resident has a question about the operation of the schools, he/she is encouraged to contact the teacher or administrator closest to the situation.  Experience has shown that this is the best procedure.  The questioner gets the responses he wants directly; the board is freed to consider more substantive matters.
Following the recognition of visitors portion of the meeting, the board proceeds to the other items on the agenda.
Adoption   4-14-86
Review     3-14-94    9-14-98    10-12-06   6-11-12  12-11-17
Cross References: 1001.5
Legal References:  21.4; 279.8