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205.12 Complaints Before the Board


Series 200 - Board of Directors
Complaints Before the Board                           Code No. 205.12
The Board of Directors strongly believes that all concerns, problems, and complaints about personnel should be resolved at the lowest possible level within the district's structure.  Anyone with a concern or complaint should first contact the person who is the cause of the concern in an attempt to identify, clarify and resolve the differences which are giving rise to the concern or complaint.  Complaints that remain unresolved at the first and subsequent levels may be moved through the chain of authority to the employee's immediate supervisor(s), the superintendent, and finally to the Board of Directors.
Appeals will be heard by the board only if the complaint has been moved through the chain of authority.  Complaints taken to the board should be placed on the agenda by contacting the superintendent.  Anonymous complaints shall not be considered.
Complaints by Employees
Communications, grievances, and complaints from personnel shall first be brought to the attention of the building principal then the Superintendent of Schools before being brought before the Board of Directors.  An employee or group of employees may at any time appeal a decision of the superintendent to the board.
Personnel desiring to address the board on any matter shall direct their communication to the Superintendent of Schools and request permission to be placed on the board agenda.  The superintendent will share relevant communications with all board members.
Complaints against any employee which arise from within membership of the board, or which come to the attention of the board, except through the superintendent, shall be referred to the Superintendent of Schools for a decision.  In case either the employee or the complaint is not satisfied with the decision of the superintendent, appeal may be taken to the board.
Adoption    6-12-89  
Review      3-14-94    9-14-98    10-12-06   5-14-12  11-13-17
Cross References 1002.3;    204.4
Legal References:  20.18