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205.10 Agenda for Board Meetings


Series 200 - Board of Directors
Agenda for Board Meetings                Code No. 205.10
An agenda with appropriate enclosures will be prepared and delivered to each board member by the superintendent or his designee.  These should reach the members of the board sufficiently in advance of the meeting to allow adequate time for study and review.
The agenda for each regular and special meeting shall be posted at the District Office at least 24 hours prior to the time of said meeting.  The agenda shall also be widely distributed to staff, to citizens requesting it, and to the news media.
Action on any item can take place with items on the agenda as published.   These provisions do not preclude the taking of testimony at regularly scheduled meetings on matters not on the agenda, which any member of the public may wish to bring before the board, provided that no action is taken by the board on such matters at the same meeting at which such testimony is taken.  
Individuals or groups who wish to place an item on the agenda should do so by contacting the superintendent.  Requests should include name, address, phone number, organization represented, purpose of the presentation, and pertinent background information.  To be included on the Regular meeting agenda, request must be received by the superintendent no later than six calendar days prior to the meeting.
Public Participation in School Board Meetings
Citizens who have a place on the agenda may address the board on the issue of their concern during the discussion of that issue.  The presiding officer will recognize these individuals when the item of their concern is addressed during the meeting.  They will be allowed ten (10) minutes to make their comments.
Citizens who do not have a place on the agenda may address the board on the issue of their concern by requesting to speak to the board regarding an agenda item.   The presiding officer will recognize these individuals at the appropriate time.  Each individual will be limited to two (2) minutes, a group will be limited to ten (10) minutes, to address the board with their comments.
Visitor’s Conduct at the Board Meeting
Meetings of the Board of Directors, Forest City Community Schools, follow an agenda prepared by the Superintendent of Schools. 
A visitor who has been granted permission to speak will have two (2) minutes to express his/her viewpoint, or ask a question regarding matters related to the school system.  It should be pointed out that there is no legal requirement that the public be given this opportunity to speak at board meetings.  It is the policy of the present board to make this time available to residents of the district, but if the pressure of business or other circumstances dictate, the Board President may decide to curtail discussion.  
An additional note:  If a resident has a question about the operation of the school district, he/she is encouraged to contact the teacher or administrator closest to the situation.  Experience has shown that this is the best procedure.  
Adoption   6-12-89
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