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204.4 Referring Personnel Problems


Series 200 - Board of Directors
Referring Personnel Problems                          Code No. 204.4
When an individual board member is confronted by a paid staff member with a school-related problem the following procedures will be followed:
  1. Listen to the problem.
  2. Inform the employee that the problem will be referred to the principal or    superintendent.
  3.  Inform the employee that if the resolution of the problem is unacceptable, to return with a request to meet with the board as a whole.
There will be no reprisals against an individual staff member who utilizes this approach.  Staff members, administrators, and board members are encouraged to communicate freely and honestly.
Adoption   6-24-89
Review      7-17-89   3-14-94   9-14-98   3-19-12  9-18-17
Revision     4-9-12
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