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200 Statement of Guiding Principles


Series 200  - Board of Directors

Statement of Guiding Principles                       Code No. 200


It is the policy of the Board of Directors to recognize and maintain the distinction between those activities which are appropriate to the Board of Directors as the legislative, governing body of the school district and those administrative activities which are to be performed by the Superintendent of Schools and his staff in the exercise of delegated administrative authority.  The function of the board can best be described as policy-making, appraisal, and evaluation.


The Board of Directors shall have the duty of providing the financial means by which the educational program is carried on.  They shall also ensure that the community be informed of the needs, purpose, values, and status of the schools.


It is generally agreed that any statement of board policies should be based upon a recognition of two distinct principles of school control and management.

  1. The board should formulate policies for the management of the schools of the district.

  2. Rules and regulations should be guiding principles rather than detailed instructions. They should reflect policy rather than administrative procedures, which is the responsibility of the superintendent.

The board will employ a superintendent who will:  (1) be the chief executive officer of the board: (2) provide educational leadership and advice; and (3) be responsible for the implementation of the policies of the board through written regulations that will be reviewed, and may in certain cases be officially approved, by the board.  The board's review of administrative regulations serves to ensure consistency with the intent of board policy.




Adoption  6-12-89

Review    7-17-89  3-14-94     9-14-98    11-14-11  5-8-17


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