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103 A Simplified Model of Responsibility


Series 100 - Long-Range Planning And Improvement

A Simplified Model Of Responsibility *                 Code No. 103 

School Board Members:

  • Represent community.

  • Oversee facilities and financial planning.

  • Set goal and objectives.

  • Establish policies.

  • Review proposed improvements.

  • Direct administration.

  • Evaluate the superintendent.


The Administrative Team Members:

  • Maintain public liaison.

  • Prepare facility and financial plans.

  • Implement policies.

  • Administer school programs.

  • Recommend personnel to be hired and assess personnel.

  • Assess performance.

  • Are directed by and report to the school board.


The Teachers:

  • Maintain student and parent liaison.

  • Provide professional growth plans.

  • Plan student objectives.

  • Implement a variety of teaching strategies.

  • Monitor and report student progress and growth.

  • Relate as coaches and facilitators.

  • Participate as members of the total learning community.


The Students:

  • Take responsibility for their own learning.

  • Attend school regularly.

  • Complete homework assignments and submit quality work.

  • Communicate with parents, teachers, counselors, and others.

  • Are self-disciplined and do not disrupt the learning environment.

  • Develop higher-order skills. And relate the school experience to the work world.

  • Seek to develop a sense of values and a global view of the world.


* First in the Nation in Education, 1984


Adoption 11-14-88

Review    7-17-89     9-14-98    9-19-11  3-13-17

Revision  3-14-94

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