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1011 Animals in the Classroom

                                                                              F. C. SCHOOL BOARD POLICIES


                                                                                              Series 1000


                  Animals in the Classroom                                                                                                                                   Code No. 1011



Live animals will not be allowed in school district facilities except under special circumstances and only for an educational purpose. Permission from the principal will be required of anyone wishing to bring an animal into school district facilities. Appropriate supervision of animals is required when animals are brought into the school district facilities. 


The person bringing the animal must furnish transportation for the animal brought to school. Animals will not be allowed to travel to and from the student's attendance center on the school bus without prior approval from the principal. 


It is the responsibility of the principal to determine appropriate supervision of animals in the classroom. This policy is not intended to address the use of service animals, assistive animals, therapy animals or emotional support animals on District property. 


Legal Reference: Iowa Code § 279.8 Cross Reference: 105 Assistance Animals 507 Student Health and Well-Being     


Approved: 2-11-19


Reviewed: 2-11-19


Revised: _____