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1009 Professional Therapy Dogs


Series 1000 - School-Community Relations


Professional Therapy Dogs                                                                                                  Code No. 1009




Checklist of Information in Building and District Business Office Files


Professional Dog Owner_________________________________________________________ 

Professional Dog Handler(s)______________________________________________________

Professional Therapy Dog ________________________________________________________

School(s) in which dog will be used_________________________________________________


• Administrative Approval - A signed statement of the building administrator's approval for use of the Professional Therapy Dog.


• Health Records -A copy of annual vaccinations and exams signed by the veterinarian, including a photocopy of Rabies certificate.  It is expected that all owners will use year-round preventive medication for heartworm and external parasites.


• Rabies, five-way parvo/distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations

• Comprehensive wormer or a fecal check for worms

• Check for external parasite control


Please note: for dogs less than one year of age or receiving their first parvo/distemper and rabies vaccination, follow-up vaccines will take place in one year.  For all other dogs, these vaccinations take place every three years.


• Public Access Test Documentation- A certificate certifying that the handler and dog both passed the Public Access Test must be provided.


• Current Certification - date: _______________________


• Proof of Insurance


_________________________________                         _________________________

Dog Owner's Signature Date



_________________________________                         _________________________

Building Administrator's Signature                                                          Date



_________________________________ ________________________

Director of Finance's Signature Date


ADOPTION: 12-11-17