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1003.4 Golden Age Pass

Series 1000 - School-Community Relations
Golden Age Pass Code No. 1003.4
It is the belief of the Board of Directors that education is a continuing process and it is important to have senior citizens feel that they are an integral part of the educational community.  Because of these convictions, it is the desire of the Board of Directors, Forest City Community School, to encourage participation of Senior Citizens in school activities.
In recognition of these factors, senior citizens, 65 years of age or older who reside in the Forest City School District, shall be permitted to attend any school activity and to participate in any and all adult education classes sponsored by the district without payment of admission or registration costs.  Any nominal fees for supplies used in the adult education class would be the responsibility of the participant.
Senior citizens desiring to participate in these events shall contact the office of the superintendent  where a Golden Age Pass will be issued.
Review: 7-17-89  9-20-99    5-9-11  11-14-16
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