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1003.1 Participation in Community Life

Series 1000 - School-Community Relations
Participation in Community Activities Code No. 1003.1
It shall be the policy of the Board of Directors to encourage personnel of the school district to participate in community activities.  Not only should active membership in local organizations be encouraged, but also staff members' active roles in community issues and political parties.
The Board of Directors specifically prohibits exertion of pressure on staff members to affiliate with organizations or to participate in activities that are unacceptable to the staff member as an individual.  Freedom of choice shall be protected, but the board does assume that participation in any activity will be in keeping with the overall goals and objectives of the educational program.
Adoption: 2-13-89                                
Review: 7-17-89   3-14-94   9-20-99    5-9-11     11-14-16                                                          
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