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1000 Statement of Guiding Principles for Community Relations

Series 1000 - School-Community Relations
Statement of Guiding Principles for Community Relations Code No. 1000
It shall be the policy of the Board of Directors to keep the community informed of the objectives, achievements, needs, and conditions of the school system.  The superintendent of schools shall be responsible for initiating and administering a continuous program of communication within the community.  The superintendent shall make use of appropriate school personnel and all available media in discharging this responsibility.
Community support for the program can best be established through a public that understands and is active in school affairs.  Therefore, it is the expressed policy of the Board of Directors to cooperate actively with community agencies and organizations that are concerned with the welfare of young people.  All efforts of this school system should be directed toward maintaining open communications among the schools, the public, and public agencies.
The Board of Directors, Forest City Community School , believes it is essential to the development of excellence in the education of children that the maximum possible knowledge about the goals, achievements, activities, and operations of the school district be conveyed to the citizens, staff, and students.  The Board, therefore, reaffirms its intent to keep citizens, staff, and students regularly and thoroughly informed through all channels of communication on the policies, programs, problems, and planning of the school district.
The Board further believes that the citizens of this school district, as well as school staff and students, should be consulted and involved in the problem-solving and decision-making processes at as early a stage as possible.  This involvement should be solicited actively and honestly through a wide variety of means.
Adoption:  2-13-89
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