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100 Mission Statement


Series 100 - Long-Range Planning and Improvement

Mission Statement                                  Code No. 100

Our mission statement reaffirms the purpose of the school district and makes a statement of beliefs about the relationship between the school and the learners.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT:  The Forest City Community School is committed to providing each student the opportunity for a 21st century education.

VISION STATEMENT: The Forest City Community School District will challenge children of all abilities to achieve excellence in a wide range of academics, arts, athletics and activities.

CORE VALUES:  Collaboration in the context of each part's role in the education of all our students respect for a diversity of ideas and people (open-mindedness and creativity)  Honest discussions based on data and perceptions.  Leadership, commitment, and follow-through to accomplish our vision and mission.

Mutual trust, Stewardship of the public's resources and Excellence in all we do.  

ESSENTIAL LEARNER OUTCOMES:  The following infusion areas will be a part of our curriculum in all subject areas:            

  • Communication Skills
  • Learning/Study Skills
  • Technology Skills
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Multicultural Gender Fair Skills
  • Global Skills
  • Career Skills


Adoption  2-8-88

Review      7-17-89    11-11-04    9-19-11  3-13-17

Revision  3-14-94    9-14-98    12-9-04  3-13-17

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