402 Salary and Benefits

402.1 Salary Schedule: Professional Personnel


Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Salary Schedule:  Professional Personnel             Code No. 402.1
The Board of Directors shall establish salary schedules and guides for the several professional positions in the school district that will, in the opinion of the board, (1) attract to this school district the best candidates available, (2) give stability to the professional staff and (3) stimulate professional growth while in service.
To advance horizontally on the salary schedule beyond the B.A. level, additional hours must be at the graduate level.  Credit at the B.A. level may be in any graduate program.  Credit will be granted at the MA level only for work done in the major teaching field; except, a teacher may be advanced by submitting a report (oral or written) to a committee consisting of two Board members, their building administrator, the superintendent and two association members on the value of the completed course work as it relates to their teaching assignment.  The committee will make a recommendation to the entire Board which will then determine whether or not to grant the horizontal advancement.
These schedules and guides shall be subject to periodic review and modification as necessary for the continued improvement of the educational program of this school district.
Adoption:  4-14-86
Review:  02-14-02    02-11-08  8-12-13  8-13-18
Revision:  12-13-01
Cross References: 803.7; 803.8
Legal References:  20.1; 20.9

402.1-R1 Placement on salary Schedule

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Placement on Salary Schedule                           Code No. 402.1-R1
Any of previous experience may be granted to new employees.  If the welfare of the school or the qualifications and experience of the applicant justifies placement on the salary schedule above the vertical experience step for which qualified, appropriate placement may be authorized by Board action.
Adoption:  4-11-89
Review:  02-14-02  02-11-08  8-13-18
Revision: 12-13-01  8-13-18
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402.1-R2 Compensation for Extra Services

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Compensation for Extra Services                       Code No. 402.1-R2
The requirement regarding the supplemental pay generator base is stated in the Master Contract between employees in the certified collective bargaining unit and the Board of Directors.
Employees who are assigned extra curricular duties will be compensated as provided in the Supplemental Salary Schedule.
The supplementary schedule will be reviewed periodically.
Adoption:   6-24-75  
Review: 02-14-02    02-11-08
Revision:   12-13-01    03-13-08
Cross References:   803.7; 803.8  
Legal References:  20.1; 20.9 

402.2 Salary Schedules: Support Personnel

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Salary Schedules:  Support Personnel               Code No. 402.2
For the various support positions, the Board of Directors shall establish salary schedules.  Following the adoption of any schedule, the administration shall use that schedule as a guide in contracting with support personnel.
Salary schedules and guides shall be subject to annual review and modification.
Adoption: 4-10-89
Review: 2-14-02   02-11-08  8-13-18
Cross References: 803.7; 803.8
Legal References:  20.1; 20.9

402.2-R Overtime and Compensatory Time

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Overtime and Compensatory Time                       Code No. 402.2-R
Each non-exempt employee compensated on an hour-by hour basis, whether full or part-time, permanent or temporary, will be paid no less than the prevailing minimum wage.  Whenever a non-exempt employee must work more than forty hours in a given work week, the employee is compensated at one and one-half times their regular hourly wage rate.  This compensation is in the form of overtime pay or compensatory time.  Overtime will not be permitted without prior authorization of the superintendent, the building principal, or director.
Extra time is earned during a week where the employee has worked less than 40 hours but has accounted for more hours than their contracted hours for the week.  It accrues at an hour-for-hour rate.  overtime is earned whenever an employee works more than 40 hours in a work week.  Overtime is accrued at the rate of 1.5 hours for each hour over 40 in a workweek. 
Compensatory time may be taken in lieu of overtime or extra time reimbursement with the following restriction:
  • Comp Time is only allowed for employees working 260 day contracts (year-round)
  • A maximum of two (2) days or sixteen (16) hours may be accumulated.  Hours in addition to this maximum will be reimbursed to the employee at regular rates if extra time, or overtime rates if overtime. 
  • Any accrued comp time must be used by taking the time off or by requesting payment annually by June 30th. 
  • Comp time must be taken before any vacation or personal leave in increments of .5 or 1.0 days.  The superintendent, building principal, or director may, based on needs, schedule the use of comp time for employees. .
Adoption    4-10-89
Review      02-14-02   02-11-08  6-12-17  7-9-18
Revision      6-8-92     03-13-08  6-12-17   7-9-18
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Legal References: 29 U.S.C. §207(o)

402.3 Holiday Pay

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Holiday Pay                                           Code No. 402.3
Holiday pay for all full-time, twelve (12) month staff will be paid on the regular basis for the following holidays:  Fourth of July;  Labor Day; Thanksgiving;Day after Thanksgiving;  Christmas; New Years; Good Friday; and Memorial Day.  Vacation pay will be paid on the same, regular basis.
Teacher contracts include 190 days, one day of which is a paid holiday.
Support staff working less than a full-time, twelve (12) month contract, will be paid for the Christmas Holiday at their daily contracted rate.  This additional day is to help in offsetting missed time for eary dismissals and late starts.  
The requirements stated in the Master Contract between the Professional Personnel in the Certified Collective bargaining unit and the Board of Directors regarding vacations of such employees will be followed.
Adoption    6-24-75
Review      02-14-02    02-11-08  7-9-18
Revision     4-11-94     03-13-08  7-9-18
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402.4 free Admission


Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Free Admission                                       Code No. 402.4


1. Single employees will be required to work three (3) activities and employees with a spouse or a family will be required to work four (4) activities and shall receive in exchange an activity pass for their immediate family.  Single employees may choose to work four (4) activities in exchange for an activity pass for themselves and a guest.  
2. Employees will be given the opportunity to sign-up for the events (duties) of their choice, and this sign-up will be taken into account when assignments are made.
3. The duty roster positions will be listed on the sign-up sheets.  No one should be placed on more duties than the master contract dictates.  (Single or Family) Should anyone be placed on the duty roster for additional duties, they will be able to choose which one(s) they can decline doing.  The district will be responsible for finding a substitute to fill in on this situation.  
4. Any duties above and beyond the three required will be on a voluntary basis only.


Adoption:  4-14-86
Review:  02-14-02   02-11-08  8-12-13  8-13-18
Revision:  4-11-94    03-13-08  8-12-13  8-13-18
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402.5 Staff Travel Reimbursement

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Staff Travel Reimbursement                     Code No. 402.5
Expenses for approved travel outside the school district shall be reimbursed.  See Travel Allowance (Code No. 803.9).
For the use of a staff member’s private vehicle the staff member shall be reimbursed at a rate for travel determined by the board.
Adoption    6-24-75
Review       7-17-89    02-11-08  8-13-18
Revision     4-11-94    02-14-02   10-12-06
Cross References: 803.9
Legal References:   79.9

402.6 Physical Examinations

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Employee Physical Examinations                     Code No. 402.6
Good health is important to job performance.  Employees will present evidence of good health, in the form of a physical examination report, prior to their employment with the school district.
School bus drivers will present evidence of good health every other year in the form of a physical examination report unless otherwise required by law or medical opinion.  Employees whose physical or mental health, in the judgment of the administration, may be in doubt will submit to additional examinations to the extent job-related and consistent with business necessity, when requested to do so, at the expense of the school district.
The cost of the initial examination will be paid by the Forest City Community School District.  The form indicating the employee is able to perform the duties, with or without reasonable accommodation, for which the employee was hired must be returned prior to the performance of duties.  The cost of bus driver renewal physicals will be paid by the employee’s health insurance.   The school district will provide the standard examination form to be completed by the personal physician of the employee.  Employees identified as having reasonably anticipated contact with blood or infectious materials will receive the Hepatitis B vaccine or sign a written waiver stating that they will not take the vaccine.
It is the responsibility of the superintendent to write an exposure control plan to eliminate or minimize district occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens.  The plan for designated employees will include, but not be limited to, scope and application, definitions, exposure control, methods of compliance, Hepatitis B vaccination and post-exposure evaluation and follow-up, communication of hazards to employees, and record keeping.
The requirements stated in the master contract between employees in the certified collective bargaining unit and the board regarding physical examinations of such employees will be followed.
NOTE:  All school district employees, on initial hire, must present a form which states that employees are physically able to perform the employee's duties.  Bus drivers must present the form at initial employment and every other year thereafter, unless otherwise required by law or medical opinion.
Adoption     4-14-86
Review      01-13-05    02-11-08  8-12-13  8-15-16  8-13-18
Revision     02-14-02    02-10-05    7-16-07  8-15-16
Cross Reference: 403 Employees' Health and Well-Being
Legal Reference:  29 C.F.R. Pt. 1910.1030 (2004). Iowa Code §§ 20.9; 279.8, 321.376 (2007).  281 I.A.C. 12.4(14); 43.15 -.20

402.7 Group Insurance

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Group Insurance Code No.  402.7
Full Time Employees:  All full-time employees and his or her immediate family shall be covered by a health and major medical program with the district paying a maximum amount as determined by the current negotiated agreement.  The balance of the premium, if any, is to be paid by the employee.
Three-Fourth Time Support Staff:  Support staff members employed at least 30 hours per week, but less than full time, shall receive health and major medical insurance as follows: Employee (single rate) only to be borne by the School District.
One-Half Time Professional Staff:  Professional staff members, including Chapter I, who are working at least one-half time, but less than full time, shall receive health and major medical insurance benefits as follows:  Employee (single rate) only to be borne by the School District.
Half-Time Support Staff:  Support staff members employed at least 3 1/2 hours per day (17 1/2 hours per week), or less than 30 hours per week, can receive health and major medical insurance as follows:  Total cost to be borne by employee for single or family rate.  Bus Drivers will be compensated at an amount that has been agreed to through negotiations for single health insurance.
Adoption:    5/13/74
Review:       7/17/89 __03-13-08   7-10-08 9-9-13 9-10-18
Revision      4/11/94     02-14-02   7-10-08
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402.7-R Insurance

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Insurance Code No.  402.7-R
State law requires Iowa employers to allow qualified members to continue Medical Expense Coverage after their coverage would otherwise end.
Election Period:
Continuation must be requested by the beneficiary in writing to the employer as soon as possible following the later of:
a. The date of termination; or
b. The date the employer gives notice of the right of continuation benefits.
Qualifying Events:
Individuals will be qualified for continuation benefits under the following conditions:
a. Death of employee
b. Termination (other than for gross misconduct)
c. Reduction in hours
d. Divorce or legal separation
e. Employees Medicare eligibility
f. Retirement before the age of 65 years
Required Coverage:
Must be same coverage given similarly situated beneficiaries.  Any changes for active employees also will apply to continuation coverage.
Maximum Continuation Period:
Eighteen months for all who quit and who are terminated, except those for gross misconduct.  Twenty-nine months for disabled beneficiaries.  Thirty-six months for divorced spouse/dependents.  Until age sixty-five for employees who retire prior to 65 years of age and are eligible for continuation coverage under Iowa Code Section 509A.13. 
Up to 102 percent of premium paid for similarly situated employees.
Employee may elect to make payments monthly.  Initial payment must be given to the employer by the beneficiary as soon as possible (assuming proper notice is given by the employer).
The continuation of insurance will cease the earlier of:
a. Employer ceases to provide any group benefit plan to any employee.
b. Beneficiary fails to make timely payment of premium.
c. Beneficiary becomes covered under another group plan.
d. Beneficiary becomes entitled to Medicare.
If the employee retires before attaining the age of 65 years and is entitled to continuation coverage under Iowa Code Section 509A.13, then coverage under that section will terminate when the employee attains the age of 65 years.
Coverage may continue under the following exceptions:
a. Early retirement request approved
b. Leave of absence request approved
When employment terminates, the employer must notify the employee of his or her continuation and conversion rights within 14 days of termination of employment.  The notice must be in writing and delivered in person or mailed to the person’s last known address, Continuation and conversion rights cannot be denied because of the employers failure to give proper notice.
Adoption:  4/10/89
Review: 7/17/89  03-13-08  9-9-13  9-10-18
Cross References:
Legal References: Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985; Iowa Code §509A.13

402.7-E Benefit Plan Notice


Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Benefit Plan Notice                                   Code No. 402.7-E
Re:  Continuation of Group Medical Expense Coverage
Your group medical expense coverage would normally terminate as of                     .                                  
State law, however, permits you to continue this coverage for up to eighteen months for all staff who quit, are temporarily laid off, or are terminated.  Those terminated for gross misconduct do not qualify for the continued coverage.  Coverage of up to a total of thirty-six months for divorced spouse/dependents is available if divorced spouse/dependents are unable to find coverage after eighteen months.  If at any time during either the eighteen or thirty-six month periods you become eligible for other group coverage your continued coverage under our plan will stop.  At this time your coverage will extend to                                    .
If you decide to continue your medical expense coverage, please so indicate at the bottom of this form.   Continued coverage must be elected within sixty days of the later of the date group coverage terminates or the date notice of termination of coverage is provided.  It will then be your responsibility to pay the monthly premium of              (Health) and/or                 (Dental) by check or money order made payable to the Forest City Community School and sent to 145 S Clark Street, Forest City, IA 50436.  The first such payment must be returned with this form within the specified time limit; otherwise you will lose the right to continue coverage.  Subsequent payments must be received in the office indicated no later than the 25th day of each month.  Failure to make timely payment will be cause for termination of coverage.
(Business Manager's Signature)       (Group Plan Account Number)
Forest City Community Schools                                                                                                 
810 West K Street                         (Date Last Worked)
Forest City, IA  50436
Coverage is to be continued: Health                  Yes                       No
Dental  Yes    No
                                          (Signature of Member)


402.8 Salary Reduction or Compensation


Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Salary Reduction or Compensation Code No.  402.8
Pursuant to Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, the Forest City Community School District, as the employer, offers to all employees the opportunity to have a portion of gross salary redirected to pay their required contributions/premiums for benefits sponsored by the Employers’ Flexible Benefit Plan.
Description of Benefits
a. Benefits offered under this plan are specifically health and dental insurance.
b. By employee class, each employee will have the following choices of taxable and non-taxable benefits:
(1) Support Staff
Dependent health insurance
Dependent dental insurance
(2) Professional Staff
Dependent health insurance
Dependent dental insurance
Rules of Participation
a. Eligibility:  The plan is available to all professional and support employees of the District.
b. Election Required
(1) All employees will be given the option to elect to receive the taxable or non-taxable benefit
(2) Any employee failing to make an election within the time period specified herein will, by default, have elected to receive the benefit as taxable compensation.  Under this circumstance, the cost of dependent health and dental insurance coverage selected by the employee will be deducted as a payroll deduction item on each of the employee’s regular paychecks and be subject to all applicable payroll taxes.
a. Election Period:  Employees shall make the election not earlier than forty-five days nor later than fifteen days prior to the first payment under the employee’s new employment contract.
b. Election Irrevocable:  The election, with the exception of an event (e.g. marriage, divorce, death of spouse or child, birth or adoption of child, and termination of employment of spouse), which changes the employee’s present family status, shall be irrevocable for the contract year.
c. Period Covered by Election:  The election made by an employee shall cover a twelve-month period beginning with the first pay period of the new fiscal year.  An election made by an employee beginning employment after the start of the regular contract year shall remain in effect for the balance of months remaining in that contract year.
d. Renewal of Contract:  Unless otherwise specified, elections of an employee shall automatically he continued on a year-to-year basis.  Any changes in an election, except as specified in paragraph 4 (b), may only be made during the election period defined in paragraph 4 (a).
Manner in Which School Contributions are Made.  The District will make employer contributions pursuant to a salary reduction agreement under which the employee will elect to reduce his/her compensation and to have such amounts contributed, as employer contributions, by the District on the employee’s behalf.
Maximum Amount of District Contribution:  District contribution shall be limited to the amount specified in the salary reduction agreement pursuant to paragraph 5.
Plan Year:  The plan year shall parallel the fiscal year of each employee group.  The plan year shall be twelve months beginning with the first pay period of the employee’s contract year.
Adoption:   4/14/86
Review       7/17/89      03-13-08 9-9-13  9-10-18
Revision     4/11/94      02-14-02
Cross References:
Legal References: 26 U.S. §125; Iowa Code §279.12

402.9 Annuities

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Annuities                 Code No. 402.9
Premiums for payment of annuities may be deducted from the salaries of all contracted personnel, provided that the employee's written authorization for such deductions shall be on file with the secretary of the board.
Adoption: 4-14-86
Review: 4-11-94  02-14-02   03-13-08  9-9-13 9-10-18
Cross  References:
Legal References:  20.9;  294.16

402.11 Staff Recognition Program

Series 400 Staff Personnel
Staff Recognition Program                             Code No. 402.11
The Forest City Community School District Board of Directors recognizes that staff personnel are vital to the educational success of students in the district.  The Board wishes to recognize staff personnel with awards that highlight years of service to the district and retirement.
The following recognition program is adopted to provide continuity, equity and coordination which will enable the Board of Directors to meet the goal of highlighting service to the district.  This program is to include all staff in the Forest City Community School District.
It is recommended that a breakfast or luncheon be held during the school year to deliver this program and hand out awards.  Other delivery modes may be used as the board and administration desires.
Adoption: 7-17-89
Review:  02-14-02  10-25-06   03-13-08  9-9-13  9-10-18
Revision:9-9-13  9-10-18
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402.13 Evaluation of Support Staff When Employed by Relative/Spouse

Series 400 - Staff Personnel
Evaluation of Support Staff when Employed by Relative /Spouse Code No. 402.13
In the case when the District employs support staff whose supervisor is either a spouse or relative, the following guidelines will be adhered:
The supervisor who employs a spouse or relative will coordinate with the Superintendent of Schools to determine who should evaluate the employee.  The Superintendent may designate a person to perform the evaluation function recognizing that the evaluator must be a person with supervisory experience.  
Adoption: 11-11-04
Review:  03-13-08  9-9-13  9-10-18
Legal References:

402.15 Employee Early Resignation Incentive


Series 400 – Staff Personnel
Employee Early Resignation Incentive           Code No. 402.15
The Forest City Community School district will pay certified and support staff employees a stipend from $100 to $500 for the submission of an early resignation letter.  The stipend will not be offered for supplemental contracts.  The stipend will decrease as the year progresses.  Resignations must be turned in to the superintendent by the last day of the month.  If the last day of the month falls on a weekend, then the resignation must be turned in to the superintendent by the last Friday of the month prior to the weekend.  Stipends will be included in the employee’s final paycheck.  
Early resignation stipend amounts will be as follows: 
January or before $500.00
February $300.00 
March $100.00
Adoption  11-08-07
Review     403 Employee Contracts
Revision   1/10/08
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Legal References:  Iowa Code §§ 91A.2, 3, .5;  279.13, .19A  (1993).